Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here are a couple of new painting that will be listing soon in Find Folk Art--the ebay store I belong to now. The link is at the top of my page!

The first one is an 11"x14" of Mermaids on the Run. The big sister seems to have an attitude. Mommy mermaid is giving her "the look"! If you are a mom, or if you HAVE a mom, you know "the look"! It has lots of crackle and antiquing. I love how the big sister's belly looks on this one!

The second painting is an 11"X14" of Angel of the Cats. This little angel has her hands full, doesn't she? Maybe Jenny Carter can help her! Oh dear, sorry Jenny--you have enough on your plate! lol This has lots of texture with crackle and antiquing.

Well it just stopped raining (thank goodness) and we have to leave for a barbeque~~Have a nice week, everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here is my latest Halloween painting. It is an 11"x14" Stretched canvas with lots of crackly, antiqued goodness! This will be listed soon, and as always, bids start at one penny! FREE SHIPPING too! All of my paintings from now on will have a tiny heart somewhere on them. This is to show you that a little piece of my heart is in every one of them!

I hope everyone with kids is getting back into the school routine. We are around here. My "day job" is going well. Lots of challenges, but lots of rewards. Some examples of those rewards in the last week are; After lots of encouragement on the playground, a little 4 year old Down syndrome girl pedaled a tricycle for the first time. The proud smile on her face was priceless! Another day I was helping a little autistic boy in the bathroom and after using the toilet he looked up at me and said, "Ms. Cris...I think you are super-cool!" Ha Ha, I laughed so hard! I guess it took peeing in the toilet to make him think of that for some reason... ha ha Well have a nice week everyone!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I hope everyone in blogland is doing well! I am still waiting for some cool Fall weather here in the Midwest. It is cool in the mornings and at night, but our days are still heating up quite a bit!

Here is a new painting I finished over the weekend. It is a big 11"x14" stretched canvas. I love pianos, I guess because my son plays. This little kitty is not very fond of the racket coming from his favorite sleeping spot! This painting will be listed soon in the Find Folk Art Ebay store. Remember all the auctions begin at 1 cent!!!! The link to the store is at the top of this page. To view all my auctions, just go to the right column on the store homepage and click on my name, Cristine Green!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I just had to share a picture of the darling paintings that my daughter Laura made for me. Aren't they cute? Yes, she is an art major in college. She is going into graphic design. We have so much fun together doing artistic things and shopping at Hobby Lobby (our favorite)! It won't be long and we will be decking out the house for Halloween!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just thought I would share my latest painting called Cat Hat. It is on an 11"X14" stretched canvas panel. I am trying to do some larger pieces. This painting may be listed tonight!

As you may know I have joined a talented group of artists to form an online art gallery auction store called Find Folk Art. It is run by artist Heather Galler. All of the Ebay auctions here start at 1 PENNY and last for 10 days! It has been an interesting experience and I am learning a lot from the other artists. None of my auctions are over yet, so I am not sure if I will be making any money in this venture yet. lol...I hope you all come to check out the store. You can find it by clicking the link at the top of my page.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


My latest paintings are larger than I usually do! They are 11"x14"x.75" stretched canvases. For the Vampire Encounter I can't deny it was inspired just a bit by "Twilight", plus I just love Halloween and spooky stuff.

The Frida's Window Painting was inspired by a documentary I watched about her earlier this week. She is so very intriguing! She actually did live in a blue house and I had to add the unique hand earrings to my painting that she received as a gift from Picasso! These fun paintings will have a starting bid of only 1 CENT! Yes, AND as usual---FREE SHIPPING! Also, all of my artwork purchases will come with a free gift right now. Remember to find me at FINDFOLKART gallery run by Heather Galler. The paintings will probably be listed later tonight. The link is at the top of this page. It is an online gallery featuring 15 artists hand selected by Heather Galler. When you see the store front, just click on my name at the right to find all of my current listings. ALL of the listings there start at a bid of one penny!

The third photo here is of some of the cute little "art print note cards" I made. I will include two of these (with envelopes) with every purchase--The choice will be a surprise!

The last photo is something that really brightened my week! I have always admired Julie Fillo's work and she recently had a give-away. No---I didn't win, but some anonymous kind soul purchased one of her prints and asked her to mail it to me!! This was just a pure, random act of kindness! I still do not know who sent it, and I probably never will know, but the thoughtfulness and the print brought a happy note to my day! Thank You, kind soul!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I have made a big change regarding the sales of my artwork! I am hopeful that it will be a positive one. I was approached by Heather Galler to join her and few other artists in forming an online Ebay gallery store. It is called Find Folk Art. There are 14 of us at this time. Heather Galler has been a prolific folk artist for many years and has quite a following. She formed this venture to help some "up and coming artists" (as she puts it) gain more exposure through association. I am hoping this will happen for me. I love and appreciate all the support that my art and blogging friends have given me over the past year or so and I hope we will all continue to support each other through our blogs.

The main change is that my art will be sold on Ebay in Heather Galler's store. The link is still at the top of my page. Now when you click on my link above you will see the artwork of everyone in our group. Another change is that all the auctions start at $0.01!! That is pretty exciting for the customers! All of the auctions will last 9 days. I will still be painting the same paintings, they will just be found in a different place on Ebay and start at ONE PENNY!

These two Halloween paintings will be listed tonight at a starting price of only $0.01. There will also be 8 more of my paintings listed tonight or tomorrow for only ONE PENNY starting bid-no reserve! Come check it out!!