Monday, May 31, 2010

More Foxes!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Weekend! We barbecued yesterday and I am happy there are leftovers so I don't have to cook today~

Here is another little fox family. These fox kits are practicing their hunting skills on some summer fireflies as their momma watches. This painting is on Ebay now.

Oh, and those of you who were concerned about the baby robin on my last post...everything ended well! When my husband came home from work, Jordan got his tall ladder off the truck and climbed up to the nest with the baby in hand and gently put it back in it's nest! It was a little difficult because that tree is almost covered with wisteria vines and hard to negotiate! I was afraid he was going to end up knocking the whole nest down, but everything worked out!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Hate When This Happens!

I hate when a baby bird falls out of it's nest! This baby robin is too young to fly. I found him near my mail box today and he keeps hopping out to the middle of the street! I have picked him up and moved him to a shady spot under the tree where the nest is several times. My son fed it a couple of worms and we have seen the momma nearby. Oh, I hope it survives. The nest is too high up to climb the tree and put it back. Any suggestions?

I listed this new painting, "Just Peeking", on Ebay last night. It was inspired by my own bird bath in the yard. My kitty doesn't go outside but I have seen a few neighborhood cats peering from the bushes!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


My son (and youngest child) graduated from high school yesterday! I am very proud of the nice young man he has become. He will be attending the community college on a scholarship for two years before transferring to a university. He is still undecided on his major.

This was my last week of school and I am so ready for a break! Especially after all three graduations~ I look forward to spending some time relaxing with my family, watching the birds, and enjoying the garden. I hope to have a little more time for painting too!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Burstin' with Pride!

It was an exciting, busy weekend for our family! My oldest daughter, Tara graduated with her B.A. in Psychology from Missouri University-Columbia. My younger daughter, Laura graduated with her A.A. in Graphic Design from Jefferson College. Both of the ceremonies were at the same time, on the same day, so I went to Tara's and my husband went to Laura's. That part was kind of a shame :( Both daughters plan to continue their education. Next week is my son's high school graduation. At least his wasn't on the same day too--not sure what we would have done! Anyway, I don't have any new paintings to show you yet--just wanted to share these photos! Have a great week everyone! If you have a graduate in your family--CONGRATULATIONS!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fox Frolic and a Commission Piece

Someone recently asked me if I ever painted foxes. I have a few times, and here is a new one. These fox kits are frolicking under the watchful eye of their mother. It has lots of crackle and black antiquing. I will be listing it on Ebay tonight.

The beach painting is a special order for a friend. She wanted all the grandchildren represented in a painting on the beach. I hope she likes it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I took my mom out to eat and to an art fair in town. We had a lot of fun, I always cherish time spent with Momma. She is the best Momma in all the world! X O

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One More Tree and a Lonely Mermaid!

Well, I have one last tree to show you. This one is the fourth and final tree in the series, it is called "In the Tulip Tree". My parents had one of these at their old house and the grandkids liked to climb it and pick the flowers.

The next photo is the very abstract trees my preschoolers made with construction paper and wadded up tissue paper. I really love how they turned out! It was the inspiration for my series of trees!

The other painting is called "Lonely Mermaid". She looks very lonely, I'm not quite sure why. I don't know if she traced the heart in the sand or if seeing it just reminded her of how lonely she was...

Both of the paintings are on Ebay right now. Sorry, but the construction paper and tissue trees will be going home to the mommies of my students! Have a "springy" week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring is in Full Swing!

Spring is in Full Swing here in the Midwest! Today was a beautiful day and I will show you a few things going on in my yard.

The irises are in full bloom and the hostas are spreading their leaves. I love hostas since I have so much shade and they are so hardy and easy to divide. My husband built the cart years ago, and there is an antique "tree" hanging on the front. This was used for a yoke of oxen on his great-grandpa's farm.

The little white flowers here are called Star of Bethlehem. I honestly don't remember planting them, but they have spread everywhere in my gardens. They disappear when summer comes. Most of the ferns in my yard were dug up from the bottom valley of our property where they are plentiful. I lugged them up by the bucketfuls when my back was much younger!

The pump on the waterfall got it's spring cleaning so now the frogs and toads are going crazy. Unfortunately, this pond is just below our bedroom window and the critters are VERY NOISY all night during mating season. In the spring evenings I would consider this pond X rated. The frogs are NOT very discreet at all! My sister Jennifer calls it the "sin puddle"!

Jasmine in the Midwest your say? Yes, if you bring it in during the winter. I bought this Jasmine tree a few years ago and it is actually very hardy and easy to care for. It blooms about twice a month all season long and the fragrance is unbelievable!

After gardening chores, this is one of my favorite places to relax with a magazine or a sketch pad. My husband made this chair along with 7 more like it scattered on porches and patios. Adirondak chairs are very comfy! I did finish two paintings this weekend. I will be listing them tonight. I will show them on this blog in a day or two. Have a great week!