Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a Peaceful, Joyous Christmas!

For Christmas I would like to send you a beautiful song played by my sweet son, Jordan. It is called Variations On The Kanon by Johann Pachelbel. I think it is on George Winston's December CD, but I also hear a version of it in weddings. He is not happy that I am putting this up because he says he "messed up a lot", but I think it is nice anyway.

I am taking a little break from painting and creating to spend quality time with my family. I feel very blessed that we are all home together, happy, and healthy. I hope that all of my "art friends" are enjoying the same blessings. Take time to snuggle with your loved ones and soak up the season!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Paintings!

This is such a hustle bustle time of year! I hope everyone is able to at least take a few minutes to enjoy the splendor of the season~We have just about every old classic Christmas movie there is and that is our time to relax and take it all in. We like to watch a couple a week with candles, Christmas lights and snacks. Sometimes I sneak in a little wrapping while we watch! We all laugh at the same old silly or corny things each year. Most recently we watched our VHS of a 1963-64 Judy Garland Christmas Special with Mel Torme and Jack Jones. It was filmed shortly before she died. I love Judy Garland, but it is sad to see how messed up she was during the filming of this show. When she sings The Christmas Song with Mel Torme, she sings, "and every Mother's child is gonna see if rainbows really know how to fly.." It is sad how Mel tries to cover up for her. My kids especially enjoy the commercials that aired then, particularly the cigarette commercial about how Pal Mals are like a "breath of fresh air and satisfaction"! My how times have changed! What are your favorites?

Here are a couple of paintings that I just listed. If you have a kitty, you can relate to the first painting, "Guilty Kitty". The second painting is another Saint Lucia one. I love that tradition! I wonder if I could get my 21 year old daughter to get up early and serve me coffee and buns like that soon! Have a great week!