Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a gorgeous weekend! It has been very busy though, so I haven't fit too much painting in. We went to a wedding at a local winery yesterday and it was wonderful. Here is a photo of my kids, Jordan 16, Tara 20, and Laura 19 standing on the picturesque grounds. There was a guest from California there who said it reminded her of Napa Valley. The ceremony was short, sweet, and heartfelt. Of course there were lots of beautiful wines flowing! A good time was had by all!

I tried something a little different this week with my painting. It is two wooden plaques connected with copper wire and has a copper wire hanger. The bottom painting is of a Halloween Princess Kitty at the ball with Mr. Pumpkin. The smaller painting above is a portrait of the Halloween Princess Kitty complete with fangs. I really like how it turned out. Check out the details on Ebay.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a beautiful Fall weekend! The fish in my pond were so active today that I had to photograph them. I was taking pictures of my new paintings and they were practically jumping out of the water at me!

Here are my two latest paintings. I am still having fun with Halloween themes, but couldn't resist a Thanksgiving idea. I know it's a little early! Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed safe from all the storms! We had a really big one Sunday morning in the St. Louis area. I pray for all those in the Texas gulf area. May God bless them.

Here are the paintings that I have been working on this week. There is one of two kitties on a porch stoop, one of two "gourd heads", and a little witch and kitty. I still have to wax them and then I will list them later this week.

I would like to wish some Happy Birthdays this week! First, to my friend Jenny Carter of Wonders of Whimsy. Her birthday is September 16th. Wish her a happy birthday and check out her awesome blog and the beautiful dolls she makes. Also, Happy Birthday on the 19th to my amazing sister Jennifer of Tamale Cat Art Studio. Check out her blog and very fun paintings!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I haven't blogged in awhile because between school, family and painting, I have been so busy! I was free this weekend so I painted a lot! I had so many ideas in my head that I couldn't wait to get them down on canvas. I was up till 3 this morning doing some of them and I waxed them today. I also painted 2 "non-Halloween" canvases. One is of a little gymnast. I was so mesmerized by the Team America gymnasts in the Olympics this summer. I just love to watch them. I think so many little girls go through their "gymnast stage", I know my girls did! Well I gotta go bake a cake~today is my daughter, Laura's 19th birthday! I hope to get these paintings listed in the next couple of days. Have a great week everyone!!!!