Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It finally stopped snowing here! It doesn't look like much, but it is actually about 6 inches. We are out of school again today. I keep checking out the window to make sure that Steve (husband) hasn't keeled over shoveling the walks. I suppose I will make the most of my day off by doing our taxes and filling out the FAFSA forms for my two college kids. If you have kids in college, you know what a pain these are! I would much rather be painting.

I did paint all day yesterday and have three almost finished to put up. One is a mini (3X3) of a cute little black girl, one is a crackly collage of birds in a tree, and one is a waxed deep stretched canvas of a sweet little mermaid. Well, back to work--ugh!


Cinzia said...

I love snow!!!! But when I live there isn't extraordinary...
Beautiful your pictures!

MyBlueHeaven said...

Such pretty pictures Cris. I should get out and take some, but my chores are going so well this morning. Ha.

Jenny said...

Well, I have to live in probably the prettiest place in Missiourri! I am not a big fan of the state, sorry, even though Dave's dad lives there...I visit, but it seems always gloomy and cloudy. I always notice a little area I pass on highway 80 that has hills and think...well, at least there is something! lol

Come to Colorado and you will see why I am spoiled. Enjoy the snow, if you can. Ours is melting :)

Jenny said...

Dave's Dad lives in South St Louis. He grew up in Illinious, though. Pretty flat.

I have been the Lake of the Ozarks. Is that in your state? I don't remember where it was exactly, because I did not drive and was in the back seat, not paying much

Have fun on your day off. I am gonna try to finish my dolly today