Friday, March 13, 2009


I was photo tagged by my sister Jennifer of Hot Tamale Art Studio. You are suppose to go to your 6th photo folder on your computer and pick your 6th picture and post it. This is a really goofy photo of my two daughters, Laura and Tara, that I think their friend took about 3 years ago. The whole folder is shots of them and their friends in the snow. Ahh, the age of digital cameras! I'm not sure I ever saw this one myself... Anyway, I'm not going to pass it on right now since I just tagged awards to a bunch of people last week.

$ 0.99 SALE!

I was cleaning out my art area today and decided to put a few paintings I still had hanging around on a 99 cent sale! Follow the eBay link at the top of my blog to check it out! I also re-listed a couple of paintings in my Etsy shop if there was something you saw recently that you liked, but didn't bid on. I plan to do some more painting this weekend and make a few more glass pendants this weekend! Have a great weekend!

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Jenny said...

Yeah, that photo is a wee it silly, but they are young... :) They look cute!