Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been experimenting with different painting techniques. I love the look of lots of layers of paint, so I tried this new style of painting with a little more detail and lots of layering. It takes a bit longer than my usual cutesy folk art, but I like it. I didn't use crackle on it, but it still has an aged look. I am not sure yet if I will be selling this one because I love the way it looks in an antique look frame that fits it's 12x16 size. Tell me what you think? I am thinking of doing a Frida one with this style next.

Geez, I really need to stop painting and start working on getting ready for my son's graduation party this Saturday. We are having a combo party along with three of his close friends. I think 250 invitations went out on Facebook. I should be cleaning or something! I just hope and pray it doesn't rain because there is not enough room in my home for all those people. There is plenty of room outside, but it has been raining all week so I can't do anything out there yet~


claire barone art said...

chris that painting is brilliant her face is amazing its great to try new techniques and this has really paid off xx

Micki said...

Cris, she is fabulous, no wonder you want to hold on to her!!

Good luck with the party, sounds like it's going to be fun :)

Micki x

Tina said...

So wonderful! I love all these lovey huggy cat paintings youre doing. So fun to try new techniques.