Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kitty Birthday Party!

I just thought I would share this photo from 1970. My sisters, Kerry, Susan, and I (I'm in the middle) were throwing a birthday party for our kitty cats. Three little kittens joined in the fun. I don't remember any of them enjoying the cake or the hats.

I have been working on two larger paintings this week. I hope to be able to show them to you tomorrow. I am also waiting for the resin to cure on a few new pendants. Two of them are larger than I did before, and I think they are going to be pretty neat! Check back!


MyBlueHeaven said...

That's one photo I had to take in a hurry. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand where your love of cats came from...I don't believe Sister and I ever had a cat party...but we could do a really decent burial! We had so many kitties...there seemed to fairly frequently be the need for a laying to rest of a little kitty soul!

Joanne said...

I love this painting the red color is really yummy. so rich and beautiful! love it. Blessings, Joanne