Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jazz Concert!

Music is a big part of my life. Although I, personally, am not musically talented--lots of my family members are. My dad played the trumpet in a band on the weekends as I was growing up. All those old big band songs bring me such memories. All three of my children were involved in band and choir all through high school. My son is an accomplished pianist and plays the guitar.
My brother-in-laws, niece and nephew all play guitars too. At our family gatherings you are more likely to witness a jam session than a game of touch football.

This 12"X12"X1.25" (deep sided) stretched canvas is a very "musical" painting! It will be listed on Ebay tonight!

Here is a clip of an impromptu performance by my kids--Tara, Laura, and Jordan at Christmas time.


Michele Lynch Art said...

Love the painting! I like how you used sheet music for the curtains too! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris, totally enjoyed your young people singing...beautiful voices all! Your painting is perfect with the music curtains! I have a cousin in California whose whole family is musically inclined like yours. I had an aunt who sang and played piano. A great aunt who played the organ. And my son plays the sax! Music is a wonderful crosses cultural divides and can bring people together.

noodle and lou said...

oooh the painting is so sweet!
thanks for stopping by earlier:)
have a great weekend! xox...jenn