Monday, May 16, 2011

More Experiments!

I have a few more paintings to show you. The still life is a little 4"x4" canvas. I have been experimenting with shadows a lot.

The kitty is resting in the shadow of a potted plant. It is also a little 4"x4" canvas. I will put these on Ebay tonight.

The third painting is a silly one I just did for fun. It is based on an old photo of my mom, her twin, and older sister getting ready to walk in a parade. They had elaborate hats made of newspaper. This would have been in the 40's I think. Have a nice evening!


MyBlueHeaven said...

OMG that looks just like us. What fun that was.

Clare said...

i love the little girls - and your interpretation of the photo - isn't it fun to experiment and play?

Pease Porridge said...

I love all of these, Cris! Isn't it fun to do something new.

Leticia said...

Very sweet painting Cris!

Flora said...

Your painting of the little girls is so delightful Cris!!!