Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Paintings!

Such a gloomy day here in the St. Louis area, but I like it! I have two paintings to show you. The first one, "Face to Face", shows a young man with a dilemma. Mom is at home with the stove ready--oh my!
The second painting is called, "A Little Birdie Told Me". This young lady is not sure she likes what she hears, but you know how rumors are! Both of these paintings will be available on Ebay soon. They were a little difficult to photograph because of all the texture and the gloss finish. Sometimes it causes a glare that I can't avoid. Have a great week everyone!


Clare said...

I love the painting with the little girl and birdie. It tells the story so well.

pinkglitterfae said...

I love them both! especially the first one, I can understand the boy's dilema, lol!
love your style!

Anarane Seragone said...

These remind me of a song that my favourite band sings:
"The Birds" by Elbow
The birds are the keepers of our secrets
As they saw us where we lay
In the deepest grass of springtime
In a reckless guilty haze

And they wove a sweet indifference
And it settled on our skin
Till the eyes that I remembered
For the last time drew me in

The birds, though I wore your glacial patience
To a smudge of bitter dust
On the last day you embraced me
With a glistening sapling trust

Did they sing a million blessings
As they watched us slowly part?
Do they keep those final kisses
In their tiny racing hearts

What are we gonna do with you?
Same tale every time
What are we gonna do with you?
Come on inside
Looking back is for the birds