Monday, July 21, 2008

Here is my Yoga Cats painting. If you have cats, you know how it is whenever you try to do something on the floor, they are all over you! My cat usually just tries to make eye contact with me and then he runs to his food bowl.

It was 99 degrees here yesterday, and about the same expected today. Yuk! I guess I will stay inside today. I am going to have my son drive me to the post office today. He has his learner's permit, and it is SO SCARY! Driving comes much more naturally to him than it did to my daughters. But it scares me when he drives up to the speed limit instead of much slower like they did. When I gasped for the umteenth time, he tried to reassure me by saying, "Mom, I know what I'm doing, I've been driving remote control cars all my life!" That was no reassurance at all! Pray for me!


Pease Porridge said...

Oh, Cris! That sounds so scary, but I am sure he does have a little more skill than the girls. Although isn't that why boy's insurance is higher. That false sense of "I know what I am doing".

Your paintings are adorable. Your cats turned out sooo cute. I love the hiker too. She looks like someone. Maybe Nino or Scott. Or even Renee?? She is cute.

Jenny said...

Cute Painting.

Driving, oh boy you gotta be a wreck! I know I would be. My nephew put his car in the ditch. What happens when you have a car full of teenage boys. ROWDY!

Not all boys are that way, my husband was into swimming and I suppose he was the good guy. I on the other hand...well party central..good thing I did not have license inhigh school. :)

Good luck~