Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hi Everyone! Here is a progressive slide show of my latest painting. I have been wanting to try to do this, though I finally had to have my sisters help me. Two of them came over to swim today, you could only stand to be outside if you were in the water. It was 95 degrees but the humidity made it feel much warmer! I look forward to Autumn with bittersweet feelings. I love the season, but with it comes "back to school"--for me too--and all of hustle and bustle and hurrying here and there. Also, I will be packing my oldest up to move away for the first time. She went to community college here for two years and now she will continue her education in Psychology at Missouri State University (go Mizzou Tigers). I am excited for her but at the same time I will miss her a great deal. We are very close. My middle daughter will be starting at a community college as an art major. We are both excited to go shopping for all her new art supplies soon! Fun, fun, fun! My youngest, a son, will be a junior in high school. All he has done this summer is eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep, eat eat eat some more---and he is still so skinny! Those were the days, huh?


Pease Porridge said...

Yeah! You got it to work. It turned out really cute!

Jenny said...

That was a cool video! I totally want to sit on that swing!

Collede? You old woman! LOL no really I could have a 20 year old too. :) Could have but don't ...gosh thank goodness!