Friday, October 3, 2008

What a beautiful day today! My husband picked this colorful bouquet of zinnias from the garden last week and they still look pretty.

Here is a painting that I finished today. I saw a perfect spider web on my porch the other morning with dew drops glistening in the early sun and it made me want to paint one. I was lucky enough to be home most of the day today so I got lots of housework done and more of my Halloween decorations up, so all is right with my world. Jordan is practicing Mozart on the piano as I type and I love hearing him play. But I better get started on dinner because he will be wanting me to take him to meet up with his friends soon. It will be nice when he gets his license, but then again I will miss our car rides together as a chance to catch up with him. When he is trapped in the car with me he is forced to talk to me, ha ha, I'm just kidding, we are quite close--he is a very good kid!

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Tara Sue said...

I like the girl in the spider web! Love you!