Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saint Lucia

This little painting is in celebration of the Feast of Saint Lucia on December 13. I was always interested in the Swedish tradition of the eldest daughter rising before dawn on the feast of Saint Lucia to serve saffron buns and coffee to her parents. She wore a wreath of candles on her head to light the way and a white gown with a red sash. Maybe because I was the oldest daughter in my family, I thought it would be kind of fun to do! This painting will go up on Ebay tonight.

Also, check out my "Art Chunks" in my Etsy shop. They are pictured at the right. I used high quality canvas prints on them and they turned out really cute. At $6.99 they are an inexpensive way to collect or give some fun art work~

I can't believe Thanksgiving is upon us already. I only have two days of school this week! Funny little preschool story; One day this week I was giving the kiddos raisins for snack time and as they were chowing down on them I told them that raisins come from grapes and explained how the grapes are put into a drying machine and then the raisins are made! I also mentioned that they were good for you and muttered under my breath that they sometimes help you to poop. Well, a few minutes later the teacher came back to the classroom and I said, "Kids, tell your teacher where raisins come from". To both of our surprise, they all yelled, "Poop"! I guess kids just hear what they want to hear! The funny thing didn't stop them from eating the raisins! Have a great week everyone~


Micki said...

Ha ha the raisin comment is brilliant!
I too love old traditions from foreign countries, especially norway, sweden etc some wonderful tales and traditions from there!
Your painting is delightful and your 'art chunks' look fantastic!

Micki x

Denise said...

Love the crackling! It shows up so beautifully, especially in her dress.

Annette Q said...

Oh I love what kiddies come up with! Lol. I have a four year old and she constantly cracks me up with her little comments and stories too. Thanks for sharing :-)
And your painting is wonderful, I love the idea behind it :-)

Kelly said...

I am part Swedish...but we never honored any of those traditions in my family. St. Lucia always held a fascination for me too. The painting is just gorgeous.

Haha to the raisins come from poop! Kids are so funny.

Leticia said...

Hi Cris, Came by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving Day! I'm loving all your recent work - take care.