Friday, January 8, 2010

10 Things I Love!

I just received a "10 Things I Love Award" from a very dear blogger friend, Kolleen of HeartWing Sisters! She has a happy, youthful outlook on life and it shows in her art! I have to tell you, Kolleen, how happy I was to see that you named your son's aides in your list of things you love! I am a teacher's aide who works with special needs kiddos too and it is nice to feel appreciated~~but believe me, I am sure those wonderful ladies you mentioned feel the same way about your son! It is challenging work at times, but the rewards are many! Those children can bring so much to our lives if you are lucky enough to get to know them! Now, on to my 10 Things I Love!

1. My Family--Always XO
2. Old Photos and Candles as shown on my photo!
3. Curling up by the Fireplace with a glass of wine, goodies, and a great Indie flick or
documentary! (I know, kind of nerdy--Love stories aren't my thing)
4. All the rooms in my house clean at once (not sure if it has ever happened yet).
5. Snow Days (I work at school) so I can paint more!
6. My first walk through a gardening center in the spring--the smell of fertilizer excites me!
7. The sound of children laughing.
8. Shopping clearance racks and finding unbelievable deals! Those bird candle holders
pictured above were $1 each because they were with the after Christmas sale stuff!
9. Seeing my three grown kids, (17, 20, and 21) all home together at once and acting like
kids again! They played board games and built puzzles together last weekend!
10. Watching one of the special needs kids I work with meet a major goal of some sort--
and seeing the pride in their face when they know they did!

Although I would like to pass this on to more blogging friends, I am unable to copy and paste the award picture so I can't. Darn Computer! For some reason my "paste" key doesn't work anymore. I love reading all of your blogs and seeing what everyone is up to! Thank you for your friendship!


Micki said...

Congratulations on the award Cris!!
Number 4 on your list is fab, my house is never clean in every room all at the same time, and I only have a small housee too ;)

Micki x

MyBlueHeaven said...

Has anyone really had all rooms clean at once? I think it's just a myth.

Kolleen said...

oh Cris...i cannot even begin to tell you how much i love my son's aides. They are truly God sent to us and a part of our family. I count my blessings and they are 2 that are always a part of it. It takes a very special soul to do what they do and what you do! I imagine you are amazing at it!!!

love your #9 and of course #10.

xxoo Happy Sunday!!