Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice In Wonderland!

Has anyone seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie yet? I haven't, but with all the hype, I felt like doing my version of Alice and the Chestshire Cat. I used a page from an old Alice in Wonderland book for the tree. Sometimes I paint the whole canvas brown first and sometimes I don't. This is one of the times I did. I can't decide what I like to do better. This painting was just listed tonight on Ebay. Link is at the top of this page.


Micki said...

I've not seen the film yet, i'm waiting for the cinemas to quiet down a bit before dragging my hermit self there ;)
I am half way through painting an Alice painting too, I should have it finished sometime today (I hope)

I love yours she's so pretty!!

Micki x

MyBlueHeaven said...

Well that looks good.

Janine said...

Lovely interpretation of Alice

Chrisy said...

Hi, Just dropped by via Sandy's blog...I'm in Australia...have seen the your interpretation better!...will say no more till you've seen it...