Sunday, May 23, 2010


My son (and youngest child) graduated from high school yesterday! I am very proud of the nice young man he has become. He will be attending the community college on a scholarship for two years before transferring to a university. He is still undecided on his major.

This was my last week of school and I am so ready for a break! Especially after all three graduations~ I look forward to spending some time relaxing with my family, watching the birds, and enjoying the garden. I hope to have a little more time for painting too!


Micki said...

Aww you deserve a rest now after all the proud tears you must have shed :)

Micki x

MyBlueHeaven said...

How handsome. I'm so proud of him too.

Kolleen said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to your baby!!!!

what a great picture and happy for you that school is out and you can rest and relax and create and play!!!

hugs and loves,

Leticia said...

Congratulations Cris on the three graduations- you must be so proud.