Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring is in Full Swing!

Spring is in Full Swing here in the Midwest! Today was a beautiful day and I will show you a few things going on in my yard.

The irises are in full bloom and the hostas are spreading their leaves. I love hostas since I have so much shade and they are so hardy and easy to divide. My husband built the cart years ago, and there is an antique "tree" hanging on the front. This was used for a yoke of oxen on his great-grandpa's farm.

The little white flowers here are called Star of Bethlehem. I honestly don't remember planting them, but they have spread everywhere in my gardens. They disappear when summer comes. Most of the ferns in my yard were dug up from the bottom valley of our property where they are plentiful. I lugged them up by the bucketfuls when my back was much younger!

The pump on the waterfall got it's spring cleaning so now the frogs and toads are going crazy. Unfortunately, this pond is just below our bedroom window and the critters are VERY NOISY all night during mating season. In the spring evenings I would consider this pond X rated. The frogs are NOT very discreet at all! My sister Jennifer calls it the "sin puddle"!

Jasmine in the Midwest your say? Yes, if you bring it in during the winter. I bought this Jasmine tree a few years ago and it is actually very hardy and easy to care for. It blooms about twice a month all season long and the fragrance is unbelievable!

After gardening chores, this is one of my favorite places to relax with a magazine or a sketch pad. My husband made this chair along with 7 more like it scattered on porches and patios. Adirondak chairs are very comfy! I did finish two paintings this weekend. I will be listing them tonight. I will show them on this blog in a day or two. Have a great week!


Micki said...

I'm so jealous of your gorgeous garden, if you could see mine I think you would laugh at the silly little strip of grass we call a garden ;)

Micki x

MyBlueHeaven said...

Is it no wonder why I love being at your house?

Leticia said...

Thanks for the beautiful tour Cris. Love the cart - and oh that Jasmine tree, I have to see if I can find one out here in California.

Pease Porridge said...

I wish I had Jasmine at my house. It always smells so sweet at yours. And oh YES, the "Sin Puddle". Ha ha


Cameron said...

Your yard is absolutely gorgeous!!!
So Stunning!

I bow down to you, Green Goddess :)