Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ahhh The Beach!

We just returned from a much needed family vacation in Destin, Florida. Despite what you may be seeing on the news about tar balls and such---it was beautiful! The sand and water were perfectly clean and gorgeous! Unfortunately for the folks in the gulf area, tourism is way down. We practically had our section of the beach to ourselves! The sun was shining every day, the water was a clear, emerald green and just the right temperature~The condo we stayed in was on a protected cove and we had our choice of hanging out on either side of the jetty for either calm water for floating or big waves for "boogie boarding". I can never get my fill of those "royal red" shrimp they sell in the seafood shops there. If you like lobster, I think they have more of a lobster taste than a shrimp taste--with butter and lemon--oh my!!!!


claire barone art said...

sooo lucky looks perfect .. its cold wet and dark in the uk its rubbish its august and today i was so cold i had to put the heating on in my house unbelievable xx

Erin Butson said...

There's absolutely nothing better than getting away, except coming home to art supplies! what a great break for you and your family. I love your work!

Micki said...

OOh Lucky Lucky you, sounds perfect!!

I'm with Claire Barone, the weather here in the uk is awful at the moment so dull and grey and lifeless, makes painting a challenge when it's so dark!!

Micki x