Friday, August 27, 2010

Signs of Fall?

The nights have been just a tad cooler this week, a few leaves have begun to scatter on the ground, the garden mums are bursting into buds, a barred owl laughed outside my bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning...could it be...maybe...there are signs of autumn among us? This little kitty seems to think so. This painting is available on Ebay tonight.


Micki said...

There are definatly signs of Autumn here in the UK, I just changed my routine to get up an hour earlier and walk the dog first thing, rather than later in the day, it's COLD at 6.30am brrr ;) the leaves are already on the ground, acorns and conkers too.

Love your painting really Autumnul with humour too, wonderful!!

Micki x

Jenny Carter said...

That is real cut