Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fox in the Golden Woods

Today was a beautiful day! My family went to Deutsch Country Days in a small town an hour outside of St. Louis. It is a working German farm where they demonstrate tons of early American crafts, woodworking, cooking, guns, etc. There were some beautiful things to see, as well as yummy German food. I ate way too much. Besides an authentic German lunch, we had fresh sugared kettle corn, chocolate dipped molasses puffs, anise springerles, and homemade root beer!

I love the golden glow of this time of year, the way the sun hits the fall foliage--casting a golden hue to everything. This painting, Fox in the Golden Woods, was inspired by how I see things during my favorite season. It will be on Ebay sometime this week. The link is at the top of my page.


Pease Porridge said...

I love the warm colors on this one. that fox is so cute!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Love the colors you used! The fox is adorable!! xo Michele