Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here are a few photos from our family Easter celebration yesterday! It all starts with a yummy baked ham...
Daughter Tara, her boyfriend Steven, and little cousin Rosalie relax on the couch.
My son Jordan makes his cousin Rosalie laugh with silly bunnies.
My daughter Laura samples the fresh marshmallow bunnies she made.
Nephew Rory and Jordan share a good laugh.


Micki Wilde said...

And as usual your not in the photos because your to busy taking them, lol just like me :)

i'm hardly ever in piccies and when I do make an appearance I hate how I look, ah well as long as everyone else looks good ;)

MyBlueHeaven said...

That was so much fun and so much good food.

The Vintage Sister said...

Do any of us like pictures of ourselves?
You have a handsome family and the food looks yummy! Happy Easter to you=:)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and happy family! Yummy ham and fruit and marshmallow bunnies! Lots of color!

Clare Hudson-Reed said...

family times are the best. i forgot to buy my kids easter eggs this year - just got too busy painting - got into a little trouble! as far as photos of self go - i always say that when family want to take pics of me they have to turn the ugly button off - but they never do!!!!