Monday, June 27, 2011

The Invitation Said Light Appetizers.

The Invitation Said Light Appetizers...that is the name of this first painting. It is a large deep sided 12"x12"x1.25" stretched canvas. The painting continues down the sides and it has a crackle finish with antiquing. Lot's of texture make this almost look like crocodile skin!

The other two paintings are of girls with pets. Hamster Love and Junior Girl Scout feature little girls who are crazy about animals!

Both of these paintings will be listed tonight on Ebay! Have a wonderful evening!


MyBlueHeaven said...

I think I know who the girl with the hamster is and also the girl with the Collie.

Clare said...

I love the cats - they look like they are having a jolly good time. Delightful

Cris said...

Who? I bet you think the hamster girl is Tara! Actually, a client requested these scenarios--I hope she likes them.

Cameron said...

I couldn't help myself from clicking to enlarge..haha! So cute!
...and congrats on having commission work! What a joy :)