Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mermaids and More!

Here are a couple more little paintings. The first one, "Mermaid Encounter", features a little girl who got hit by wave. In her effort to grasp on to something to get her head above the surf, she made a chance encounter with a mermaid!

The second one, "Lizard Earrings", features a girl with real live lizards chomping on her earlobes for earrings. Did you know that people actually do this? Google it, it's true! Ouch, I think it would hurt! Tell me if you have ever worn real lizards~

I live in the St. Louis area and I am taking my big ol' kids to the St. Louis Gateway Arch tomorrow. Believe it or not 2 of my kids have never been up to the top! I can't say that I am excited to get in that tiny little capsule and travel up the leg of that very tall landmark. But from what I remember, the view at the top is worth it!

These new paintings are already listed on Ebay!


MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh Cris those are so neat. I really like both of them.

Clare said...

Very cool art works - love the mermaids - and the girls with the brow ring - funky!

Julie said...

All of your new paintings are so inspired! Love them! Have a wonderful time at the top of the arch...I have ALWAYS wanted to go to St. Louis. :) p.s. How funny...the word verification to post a comment right now is "lizing" ...wonder if that has anything to do with lizard biting? ;)