Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Show?

There is an art show/craft show coming up this fall that I have considering participating in. It is called the Rock and Roll Craft Fair and it is held in an old glass factory in a trendy part of St. Louis. It runs the weekend after Thanksgiving and features local bands, wine, and the arts and crafts are set up department store style. Has anyone ever participated in something like this? I wonder if it is worth the trouble. I am also not sure as to how to price my stuff. Any feedback from my fellow art friends would be helpful. The deadline to apply is in a couple of weeks--it is a juried fair and I have to send photos with my application. Thank you!

P.S. I just put all of these paintings in heavy sold wood frames. I found the frames at an unbeatable price at Hobby Lobby, so I painted the canvases to fit them. I am hoping to display them if I do an art fair.


The Secret Hermit said...

Sounds like a fun show, if you do go, don't forget to take lots of piccies :)

I keep looking for some frames to put some of my work in but never find anything I like, i've been looking for months now to no avail, *sigh*

I'm sure yours will look fabulous.

Micki x

Clare said...

Shows are always fun - if you do decide to do it - I always find if I have a few small cheapy things that can make my day. Little things like cards or fridge magnets, especially if you put a message on them. It creates interest and the bigger stuff seems to sell along with the smaller items - it just seems to work much better.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Lemme know if you do the show and I'll try to pop down and "meet you" in person if you are working the show. I know you can opt out and pay instead. I applied last year I think it was with the jewelry but didn't get in :oP xo Michele