Saturday, August 13, 2011

Van Gogh

I am still obsessing over learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Poor fellow obviously had untreated bi-polar disorder. He tried a lot of remedies and even institutionalized himself a couple of times. He only sold one painting in his lifetime and depended on his brother Theo for support as he gallivanted around Europe trying to fit in somewhere and find happiness. Poor Theo was in such poor health that he died six months after Vincent's suicide, never seeing his brother's fame either! Vincent never had any money for food but somehow he managed to visit many brothels on the premise that he was "studying the people" for his paintings. Hmmm...

This is my rendition of his portrait. It was interesting to paint a face without the use of flesh tone at all. It is all yellows, reds, and greens. His eyes were china blue and he often made them look a bit slanted in his self portraits because he loved Asian art and was greatly influenced by it. I will be listing this portrait tonight on Ebay.


The Secret Hermit said...

It's funny how you can get fixated on to one artist like you have with van gogh, I have done similar lately with an artist called Joan Eardley, her work fascinates me beyond belief.

I love that you are 'painting it out' too, that must be so much fun.

Micki x

Michele Lynch Art said...

Love your portrait! you did a great job, and it's not easy what you did at all! Fabulous! xo Michele