Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Fun!

It seems like in my family everyone either creates art or creates music--well...I mean at least we try! At our family Christmas gathering we had a rolicking time with 4 guitars, a keyboard and a drum. We sang and danced the night away to Christmas carols! Of course there was a healthy dose of eating, drinking, and gift opening in between songs! This photo is a candid of my son, Jordan, playing guitar and my niece, Rosalie dancing her heart out. Rosalie is the daughter of Jennifer of Tamale Cat Art.
It has been a glorious holiday season--I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends. After a trip to Micheal's with a gift card yesterday, I am inspired to get back to creating art. I hope to have something to show you soon~

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Anonymous said...

Great photo Cris! Art, music and dancing...I like it! Lots of fun!