Friday, December 2, 2011

The Lockets are Ready!!

I finished these sweet little lockets. There are 10 in all and you can check them out in my Etsy shop. They would make fun little one-of-a-kind gifts!


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The Vintage Sister said...

Your lockets are beautiful Cris!! I love the extra charms.
Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding my messy home. You made me feel much better:) When I finished the original blog post I re-read it and thought twice about hitting the publish key, lol. Then I thought, what the heck!
Enjoy your family all being home:)

Una mujer viviendo su vida said...

I want to buy one!!! I'm from México! Is the same process?
My email

MyBlueHeaven said...

Those are so pretty Cris.

Jeannette said...

Beautiful lockets my fav would be the girl with the fox.

Julie said... much wonderful pieces going on here! :) The lockets are precious....I love them. And, your experimenting paintings are amazing. I especially love Peace be With you! :))