Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here is a picture of Tara in her new "home" at Missouri University-Columbia. She still has been getting homesick at night and I have had several tearful "middle of the night" phone calls. We have always been very close and it's been hard. I think when classes start on Monday, she will have more to focus on and it will help. Does anyone out there have experience or advice about homesick college students?? The other picture is of Tara-20, Laura-18, and Jordan-16 on the college campus. Tara is a junior studying psychology, Laura is a freshman at the community college studying art, and Jordan is a junior in high school. They are all very good kids and I am so proud of all three of them. I am planning to start three new paintings this evening after we barbecue ribs for dinner-yumm! They are all Halloween ones--Jenny Carter's blog, Wonders of Whimsy always gets me in the spirit! Thanks Jenny!


Jenny said...

Such a gorgeous family! WOW! Well, once she starts making friends, they will become an extended family. The first quarter is the toughest. I remember it vividly. I used to take walks. It always helped and got me centered.

Can't wait to see your new paintings. I know my blog is very halloween right now, I wonder if people will get sick of it by then..LMAO. Let me know if you do (especially that music) heehee



Cris said...

Thank you Jenny for the compliment on my family and the advice. She has been working out and that helps, and her and a roommate may start yoga. They offer all that at the rec center there.

I LOVE your Halloween blog, AND the music. I think I may have that same CD of Halloween songs. I have about 10 of them that I blast on Halloween. It is my favorite holiday to decorate for and I usually have a teen party.

I loved seeing your secret songs you loved. ha ha I am still thinking about what mine are. I can just see you with your punk stuff on. I was married with kids at that time. But that was my sis Jennifer's era. I was a 70's hippie and my boyfriends had hair longer than mine. ha ha