Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just came across this old photo on my computer. I'm guessing it is from about 12 years ago, but it is one of my favorite Christmas pictures. Life was really crazy when my kids were at those ages! But fun! I hope all my artist friends are enjoying a bit of a break, like I am! We had snow (ice) days off of school today and yesterday. I have been making the most of it, baking and wrapping like a mad woman with Laura's help--(her community college is out already)! Jordan is busy studying for finals. Two more days until my oldest comes home from college! Yippee! She won't let me watch all those sappy Christmas movies until we can all watch them together. We always watch, Miracle on 34th Street, Meet Me In St. Louis (The kids laugh while I cry when Judy Garland sings have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas), It's a Wonderful Life ( another tear jerker for poor old menopausal Mom), White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Christmas Story, A Child's Christmas In Wales (this one is little known but WONDERFUL!) Now we will have lots of cookies to munch on while we watch them!!


Jenny said...

Oh gosh, isn't that cute! I bet having the kids around for christmas is wonderful. I have no idea what that feels like. I usually only have in-laws over and they stress me out. Never any kids. Cuz Dave's sister is still single at ago 43~

Have fun watching all those movies, sounds like a blast. I would be sitting there knitting too! The cookies sound good. I am not making any..bah humbug. No kids to eat them all and I don't want to get fat. lol

Keep warm...more cold coming your way!

Pease Porridge said...

"Christmas in Whales" is my favorite. Sounds like you are having fun over there. I am already on my third batch of Grandma cut outs. They work out with my egg replacer that I use as long as I keep them thin. They are my favorite anyway. :)


Pease Porridge said...

Oh, and Cris that picture is so cute. It seems like yesterday.

Flor Larios Art said...

Beautiful picture. Looks like you are going to have a great time with your kids.
Happy Holidays!

MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh Cris such a darling picture I remember well. I thought they seemed so old then. Such fun times coming up for you.

Cinzia said...

This kids are very beautiful!!!
Very beautiful picture!

Amy Sullivan said...

~I received my painting~
I love it so much!~
You wrapped it so beautifully~
I am going to hang it tonight over my coat rack by the front door~

Thank you so much~
Merry Christmas!~
Many Blessings to you & your family~

Amy Sullivan said...

~I can't believe it~
I just tried to order A Child's Christmas In Wales~ from Netflix~ & they don't have it~
very strange~
I will find it somewhere~