Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This is what I got in the mail today!! I won Jenny Carter's raffle to help out the kitties through her Alley Cat Rescue blog. Isn't Miss Glory the most stunning centerpiece for my table! Jenny does such beautiful work with her dolls and I am so honored to own this one! Every detail is so meticulously crafted! Please visit her website to learn what you can do to help with the endless problem of feral cats in her Denver neighborhood.

I will be having my whole family over Saturday for a July 4th barbecue. I will have to keep my eye on Miss Glory so she doesn't disappear with my envious mom or sisters! I'll be watching you Pease Porridge!


Pease Porridge said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, I might sneak her home with me.


Micki said...

She's beautiful, what a gorgeous centre piece!

MyBlueHeaven said...

Just shutup about it will you? Ha! I'll have a big purse that day.

Jenny Carter said...

Heehee your all too funny! She looks great in our home. I hope you all enjoy her.