Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Paintings!

"Spoiled Rotten" is a very spoiled kitty all snug and cozy by a warm fire.

"The Little Match Girl" was one of my favorite Christmas stories as a child. I always felt so bad for her and appreciated my nice warm bed afterward. Gosh, I didn't realize the contrast in the two paintings I did this week!

Both of these will be listed on Ebay sometime this week.


Anonymous said...

the kitty looks so warm and the little girl so cold...both convey a lot of emotion :)

I've got to go over to flickr to download the photo I have there of me holding the kitty, when I get it I'll email it to you. Several computer crashes ago with my old computer, I lost my scanned copy of the photo. Rather than try to find which box I packed that photo in, when I moved, I'll try flickr first. :) And I'll put it on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Didn't find an email addy on your I'm posting the picture on my blog, so you can see it!!!

Jenny Carter said...

Awe..that kitty painting is cute. No fire in my fireplace unfortunately. No screen. I had a candle lit one night and Chloe got her whiskers

Anonymous said... was my Easter basket...I figure my Dad must have taken this in the spring of 1947 (I would have been 4 3/4s)!

Julie said...

I love that kitty and the fireplace and your trees are my favorite! : )

Micki said...

The first one is a Beautiful warm and cozy winter painting and the second brrrrrrr it made me feel chilly ;) Love them both!!

Micki x