Friday, November 5, 2010

Sparkly New Gifts!

I have been hard at work getting lots of "pretties" together to have in my Etsy shop for your holiday shopping! I have several little glass dome pendants made. The dome shaped glass kind of magnifies the artwork! I hope to get these put on cords along with some dangly charms this weekend. Then I plan to get back to some paintings--I miss painting!

I completed all of my soldered glass ornaments. They turned out really cute and they even have tiny little charms on them that say "Made with Love". They are pretty labor intense, so I guess you could say they are a labor of love! I am starting to list them in my shop tonight. I will have 12 of these, so get them while you can. I doubt I will have time to make any more this year--they are pretty time consuming. Have a great weekend!


MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh wow how pretty.

pinkglitterfae said...

Wow look at all your goodies!
Love the soldered ones especially, they are very unique looking.
hope they all sell out for you, they'd be the perfect gift item