Monday, November 8, 2010

First Winter Painting

I finally got around to painting a new canvas. It is a little larger than I usually do--11"x14"x.75" stretched, but I needed the size to do a snowy landscape! I used some quality, heavy bodied acrylics for this one and I love the results.

You can just feel the bite in the wind as these kids bring home the Christmas tree. The shadows are getting long as they journey toward the warmth of home! It doesn't show up on the photograph, but I added some subtle sparkling in the highlighted snowy areas for extra "frostiness". I think I may list this one tonight, since I haven't had any paintings up in a couple of days.

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Have a great week!


Micki said...

Gorgeous work Cris, love how you did the snow in this painting!!
I have just started using more heavy bodied paints in my work too, I am loving the results so far :)

Anonymous said...

enchanting...feels like Christmas 1947 when I lived way out in the country and it snowed! I recently bought a little print from you of a young girl holding a cat...dangling down in front of her...I found the picture of me that your print reminded ne of...and I have framed the two together...very charming!!!

Cheryl said...

dang girlie, your work is fabulous!!

Jenny Carter said...

Real Cute. I am not ready for snow yet though.

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Julie said...

OOOh I love this painting Cris! It is beautiful as are all of the goodies in your shop. Have a great weekend! : )