Sunday, November 21, 2010

Large Snow Painting

This magical snow family became very lifelike at night. The little fox is a bit curious! A mitten left behind is a reminder of the child who created them.

I recently listed this painting on Ebay. It is a very large one for me--16"X20". I used quality acrylics so there is lots of great texture! There are many photos on the Ebay listing to show this.

This would make a great gift to be enjoyed all winter long! Remember to also check out my Etsy shop where I have lots of inexpensive goodies for the holidays!


MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh Cris that is so cute - love the little mitten and fox. You are spectacular too.

Anonymous said...

BRRRRR...I feel the cold...of course the snow people are happy, as is the fox. The left behind mitten is quite an emotional touch...the human coinciding with the fantasy...very nicely done! I'm heading over to your Etsy Shop now!

Anonymous said...

or would that be colliding with? Too lazy to find dictionary, will try to remember to check LOL! Sorry I'm a dictionary freak...;)

Micki said...

Cris this is gorgeous!!
I love the fox and the left behind mitten is too cute for words!!
I think this painting will go to a happy home very soon, it sure deserves to!!

Micki x

Pease Porridge said...

I love YOUR snowman painting. It is much more spectacular thaN MINE. I can't wait to have a glass of wine at those tables too. Yes, I felt very much like you winding those vines together to make that wreath.

Cheryl said...

Girl... thats beautiful!!!