Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here is an Autumn view from Mommy's Midwest Mountain. The trees on the next hillside are beginning to show color. What a beautiful weekend it has been! Unfortunately I haven't been feeling well, so I haven't been very creative. Either I have some sort of bug or my allergies are getting the better of me.

I had my family over for Halloween and we had a great time! Lots of laughs, food and spooks. It is always loud and fun when we gather. What a mess the next day though! I still haven't had the energy to take down the decorations yet. Maybe tomorrow!

I hope to get back to my painting as well. Have a great week!


Cinzia said...

I love so much the colors of trees in autumn! They are wonderful!
Bye bye from Italy!

Amy Sullivan said...

Hi Chris~
yes, I popped by & am now a new follower to your blog.
i am enjoying your painting very much~ the fun folks in your paintings are so busy doing fun stuff.
we do seem to have alot in common. I scrolled down & found pictures of your beautiful children. I have four. my boys got my curls & my 2 girls got their Dads straight hair. & yes 16 y.o. boys with curls are the cutest~ :)my oldest son Gabriel,18, is super cute too~ :)you can find pictures of him from February in my bloggy.
also i am a 70's child.
~so~ i will be back~
have a lovely Monday~

Cinzia said...

Hello Cris, I'm in northern Italy, I live in Treviso,near Venice...
Thank you for your post in my blog!

Jenny said...

Hi hon~

Sorry to hear your under the weather. Sucks I know. THe trees look great. I am surprised they are all not down by now. GLobal warming? ANyway, I cannot wait to see some new paintings...have a good week!


Leticia said...

Beautiful- Hope you're feeling better soon. Take good care of yourself.

Pease Porridge said...

Halloween was so fun at your house. A little too fun. ;) Your house always looks amazing. Wish my pictures would have turned out better, but they just do not do it justice. Hope you feel better. Extra vit C. :)