Sunday, November 30, 2008


This has been a busy week! We "decked our halls", shopped, spent time with family and made things. My family is all a bit sad that this long weekend has come to an end. Back to the old grind. Tara will be heading back to University of Missouri this week and not be back till Christmas. Boo Hoo We miss each other so much when she is away. Yesterday I helped her make her purse out of the wool she purchased. was mostly me saying, "oh give it here, I'll do it!" My sewing machine is old and very temperamental and it seems to only work right for me. ugh! Laura was sewing something for her boyfriend's Christmas gift too. (poor Zack! ha ha) I didn't get to work much on my own projects. Anyway, we had fun together.

Here are some pictures of my house all decked for the holidays. Just the sun room, dining room and parlor. That's where the trees are. I just noticed that I forgot to put my tree skirt on the sun room tree--ooops! As you can see I am fond of antiques. Have a wonderful week everyone!


Jenny said...

Your house looks so cozy and love all the trees! I am very familiar with the word all our prior homes were Victorians.

Well, I hope the days go by swiftly for you and you can see your babes soon



Pease Porridge said...

Looks so pretty Cris. I am feeling sad too today that the long weekend is over. Poor Tara, I wish she was closer.


Cinzia said...

I'd like so much to live in your country in this period!!!
Beautiful house, beautiful Christmas decorations!!!
In the U.S.A. Christmas is magic!!!
Bye bye

MyBlueHeaven said...

So Beautiful Cris. I want to be there.

Fantastic Figments said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! So wonderful. I can't wait until everyone gets their deocrations up so I can just oogle and wish I had a nice big place to put a real tree!

You have a beautiful family you are very lucky! I remember the college days only a few years ago and I always looked so forward to the holidays and coming home where my mom would have the traditional holiday spread adorned to make me feel like I was really home!

Have a great one,

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your big christmas tree..have a wonderful week..

Leticia said...

Your house looks beautiful!

verderame said...

what a beutiful home it is very special, ciao Marina