Friday, November 28, 2008

In our family, the day after Thanksgiving is just as much fun as Thanksgiving! My Mom, sisters, daughters and older nieces all go to the same quaint little town to visit antique and craft shops. We have coffee and goodies to eat in the shops and we all have lunch together. In the first picture is one of my nieces, Kelsey, and one of my daughters, Tara, holding up some of the wool they purchased with plans of making purses and scarves. In the other picture is my sister, Jennifer (Hot Tamale Art Studio) and I dividing up a bag of really cool little felted wool balls we bought. They were so colorful, we couldn't resist! We thought of a couple ideas for them. That new shop had all kinds of wool fabrics, felted wool items, and rug hooking stuff. Jennifer and I kept saying, "oh, this store is so "Jenny Carter"! lol~We all had a fun time!


Jenny said...

Hi girls~

I told my husband about your little store and he just laughed. Amazing how we can create bonds with people we have never made. TECHNOLOGY!

Those balls look fab and I bet you can make some great jewelry.

We will definately have to meet some are always welcome at my home!


Jenny said...

Never met..lmao

Must of been in a hurry

Tara Sue said...

I can't wait to make my purse! It is gunna be fabulous!

katie said...

Just found your blog this morning
I to am a wool buyer,rug hooker, we have a wool store here in Warsaw, and make many purses. Hope to see your purses when they are finished.

Katie Paxton

Cinzia said...

Hellooooo!!! have a nice week end!
hugs and Kisses,

Leticia said...

What fun! Beautiful girls, moms and daughters :)

Shay said...

Hi Cris~
It looks like you all had SUCH a fun time! Oooh I would love that shop! love the wool they scored, it'll make cute purses! Okay I have probably asked before but I have since slept~ where in MO are you and are you close to me?? I am about 1 1/2 hours south of KC.

Thank you too for leaving SUCH sweet comments and hugs on my blog, I really appreciate it! Many hugs to you,